Friday, July 23, 2021

Our Aoife Turns One In Ireland

 Our Aoife turned one and was in no celebratory mood....Way too hot in Ireland yesterday.

The party went on anyway...relatives, cake and fun.

My girl and her little loved.

Yesterday was productive here in Charlotte too.  
Sherry and Margaret helped with the house and with Lynsey, helped pick out new carpet. $3000 for upstairs carpet where our beloved Zoe ruined the rugs with her incontinence...Two bedrooms and a hallway.....Life...around every corner is a new surprise.

As for my Aoife, I have never seen her....sad but true and now she is one year old. Covid stole that from me...alas, we are all safe, so far.

Lynsey was asked to spar with the teacher last night at karate...she was pleased with herself. I was proud.

The children and I did some grocery shopping....They had it finished before I even had pulled out my list. And, they had it put away at home, before I even got out of the car.

Big big surprise.  Lynsey told me tonight that I should not fret on the messy dirty house as it is coming together....and, surprise...she had cleaned the fridge, checking dates and organizing..OMG

The kids definitely had a bonus on their allowance last night.

Lynsey and I played canasta and ate ice cream.  Dylan chatted with his friends on the computer.I exercised at the pool, the children got compliments...that always earns them a bonus chip.

My man is watching over us in the newly refurbished sewing room. The picture brings both comfort and tears.

A few things that were accomplished yesterday...Every little thing brings comfort.
But, it is the friends who inconvenience themselves by helping me, that bring the most comfort. They keep me from going over the edge.
I , also have tons of weight to lose...Alas, there is so much stress here, I must confess that I stayed in bed till one thirty and had ice cream for lunch. Had to throw away last night's beef bone as there is no longer a dog here.
Having the yellow thread rack back up with pretties in place helps too.

I am trying to remember that one minute at a time thing.
So, this morning I did three chores, not three thousand.
I am missing the comfort of my son.  And, of course, this widow thing is for the birds!


Shasta Matova said...

Happy birthday to Aoife. Those cakes are so pretty. The new carpet will be so nice. {{Hugs}}. Losing loved ones is so difficult.

Linda Swanekamp said...

It has to be so hard not to see your granddaughter. Glad to see the kids are chipper and eager to do things. Love how the house is turning out with the redo. Just one thing at a time. Just keep going, one foot, two foot.

Mystic Quilter said...

A wonderful positive post to read, mixed with the sadness of losing Zoe there seems to be very positive things happening at your house, I'm happy for you. The photo of little Aoife is one to treasure and I do so hope that before long you will be able to hold her in your arms and have a huge loving cuddle.