Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Finding Hope Within

 The unpacking after this flood is arduous. I absolutely cannot  imagine how I could even begin to do this without my friends...Friday, they came for hours.  Monday two friends came for hours.  Tomorrow two friends will come back for hours.  How lucky am I??  Soooo grateful!!

A break in the work allowed me to sew a bit.  My new set-up has a sit down ironing space. Very nice, I must say..Now 12 blocks are made,..2 inch finished...more to come.

Exhausted this morning until my pool time.  One hour of pool exercise made me feel like a brand new person.  I swear I was 57 instead of 73!!  The pool is still not open fully,  I will take whatever I can get...which is two days a week.  Happy!!!

Our Zoe..just past 13 years old.  She is deaf, she is incontinent, if left outside for more than 15 minutes she will chew the back door, she is confused.  She is that southern expression, "up under me".  Always attached.
Our Zoe chewed back door!!!!
No one wants to put her down.  She eats and drinks fine.  She has to go outside to pee every hour or there will be a puddle on our new floor, or worse, I might slip in it and fall.. The children glare at meanie me when I even mention it may be time...and so we go on...with diapers at night.  Very bad smells upstairs....We all just love her, especially the children who have lost so much

Cousin time in the cove outside of Cork.
Summer fun, getting to know each other...my heart.
Aoife will be one  years old in one week.

Today, I got my second shingles shot...so far so good. Knock on wood!!
Tomorrow, lunch out with my widow's group.
More unpacking ( I have lost 3 overdue library books in the process!!)
Karate and Quilt friends zooming.
The children are coming home tomorrow for karate...They are so thrilled to be able to go back,
and still be black belts, not having to start over. (did I mention that Lynsey flipped her brother several times...)
Plodding through the unpacking, seeing hope of a finished house. And, dreaming of new social adventures...like sit and sews with friends here...and widow group get-togethers...and sewing with the children.
I would not have this kind of hope without friends holding my hand as I stumble.

PS.  I cannot figure out how to sign the kids up for their bus for August
I cannot figure out how to install my McAfee security.
I cannot figure out why my computer sound is off.
Sooo, tomorrow, my darlings will have their work cut out for them, helping Grandma!!!


Chuck Overman said...

Best Blessings my dear friend

Linda Swanekamp said...

Grateful for your friends and your perseverance. Life is not for wimps for sure. When I used to swim before I got chlorine induced asthma, one elderly lady used to come in hobbling with a cane and labored walking. She would outswim me eventually and then walk out, no cane, normal walking. She told me she had to come because it made her come alive.

Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to read about old Zoe, always a difficult time when our four legged family members reach old age, I can understand the reluctance you have with the decision of what is best Zoe. She definitely did a fine job on the door!! Hope it can all be solved eventually. Happy photos of the two little ones having fun, guess it won't be too long before they're back in Portland.

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