Saturday, July 31, 2021

Just Keep Swimming

Aoife is back home in Portland!! Here she is using her new skills of pushing a cart by herself.
Of course, she is adorable in her Irish nightwear and silky white hair and dimples!!

With my new extended sewing room, I have started having fun.
Pulling fabric is awesome.  Putting it away, not so much.

I find it very, very difficult to depend on the good graces of others, 
when my own family can no longer help.
My sister came for a visit today, which was wonderful.  However, she cannot fix the broken things around here that my husband or son could fix.  Handymen are scarce now-a-days and/or all booked up.

 I am healing myself by talking...Some people try to fix me by diverting my pain into positive. Just listening to me is so therapeutic.( for me, that is:)..  
I did  get some awesome advice from Sherry.....Just Keep Swimming
I have tied my new little cart to my sewing machine before I load it up.  I love it...
The latest excitement is a new lock for the front door that does not require a key.
Good for the kids, good for Grandma, just plain good.
To lock the door, just put your hand over the pad.
To unlock just put in the code.  Wish I had done this years ago.
Six months after my husband died, we were robbed.  CPI came that afternoon to see if we needed security.  The kids and I were all so shocked, I signed up immediately.  I never regretted it.  They have these lock pads, though I am sure you can get them other places.

My hair is down my back again.  My hairdresser broke her wrist in a wind gust on the Fourth of July.  She offered to come by my driveway on Monday, her first day back.. I am one lucky old lady!!!!
 I would not be surviving at all if it were not for such good people.
  Paula...big, big, hug....sending the children all their school supplies from Amazon.  
Kindness.....the good part of life.



shoshu said...

i can't fix it either, but i do listen and i do care and i'm REALLY impressed and proud of you that you do keep swimming, shoshana

Linda Swanekamp said...

You are enriching other's lives when you allow them in to help. People have all these skills and abilities that you unleash when you give them a chance. There are always those evil, destroying ones out there. Grateful you are blessed with a cadre of beautiful people.

Nancy said...

I have trouble letting people help me. I was told that if I don’t allow others to help me I am stealing the blessing of helping others from them. I try and remember that now and just thank people when they offer to help.