Sunday, July 25, 2021


Tonight I finished a bag using my cool and awesome African fabrics:

The same bag, different sides.
The pattern is:
She has wonderful videos

This cat wall hanging is from a pattern forever ago...I do not remember the designer's name.
The colors and button eyes have always been a favorite 
Tonight I cheered myself by hanging it on my sewing room door.

I adjusted this shirt purchased online...Now I can wear it!

I admired the two lovely knitted dishcloths from Linda.
So encouraged by sewing that I did 30 reps with my 7 lb weights.
I did feel a bit sad at their neglect the past month....outside, lonely... was the day!!

I have worked all day clearing off things and doing laundry.
Things that Pearl usually does not let me do.
So so so happy to be able to report that I am sewing!!

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Linda Swanekamp said...

Yay! Sew on. Everything looks inspiring.