Thursday, July 8, 2021

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Round two of millions of boxes delivered today.
Thank God for friends.
Yesterday's helpers....Cooking with Bella.
This baking went on and on and on...
The crust was too cold, the crust was too thick, etc.
By this time, I was on the list of crabby grandmothers...
.I announced to the cooks that I was going to bed.
When...what to behold, what appeared in my bedroom...but a big slice of blueberry pie.
And company to enjoy it with.
It was absolutely delicious...I was amazed...The crust was perfect...I was indeed amazed.
The minute there is a free space....there is no more free space.
Here they are practicing Karate on the Scrap Vomit quilt my daughter and friends made me.
The storm passed through here today, so I slept in and missed the pool.
The knock on the door that woke me was animal control. They were checking on Stitch.
Good Lord, I was in my nightie and could not find the cat.  Finally down the stairs he came. He was pronounced healthy and his hand biting, no rabies case was closed.

Happy Happy presents came yesterday.
:Lovely "Starry Night" from Katy @ Katy Quilts

From John's vintage collection came 20 lovely Grandmother Flower Garden blocks

Both gifts were surprises that lifted my heart!!!

For some reason I stay just so exhausted.
I really do not know why my get up and go has got up and gone...
Jeeze Louize

Going to bed now before the thought of tomorrow's unboxing does me in.




Teresa said...

Such sweet grandkids that love their Granny and bring her pie.

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Just one look at that blueberry pie and my mouth began to water. Such sweet grandkids! Glad your kittie Stitch was safe and sound. The Starry Night from Katy is fantabulous! I love the colors. Hope you get some oomph back soon. Happy stitching! -Andrea

Mystic Quilter said...

Whoa such lot of boxes!!! Now your blueberry pie looked delicious, lucky you having the grandchildren prepare that for you.We have been following on the TV news the storm which came through the USA, hope there was no damage at your place. Not surprised your get up and go has gone, sometimes we just have too much happening in our lives and our strength is sapped, you will come right soon I'm sure.