Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Phoenix Rises from the Flood

Making things new.
 Revamping the living room into an extended sewing/bonus room...first draft!
Just the beginning. re-purposing my mother's old store recycle bookcases into fabric shelves.
The workers told me that these boxes represent 40% of what is left in storage.
Must be for the neighbors. I certainly am not a fabric hog like this!!

Went to the pool this morning to exercise my arthritis with all the other old ladies.
Now, I want to start putting fabric on my shelves...Oh, NO!!!  My friends say...patience.  The cases have to be secured onto the walls.  I hate to have to wait for people to come help me.

Well with the love of friends, that is done!!
Karate comes in handy...Kung Foo, the box is opened!!
So, the kids want a bonus room.
Memories are painful.  The crisis counselor came to day for a few hours.  We all love her.
Here are the sewing desks/work desks for the children.  They also have two shelves in the fabric cases.
They are sooo thrilled. The children made the yummiest chili tonight....and ate theirs at their new desks.
Cory and Cecilia, the fish enjoy the new spot too.
The plan was to set up this new room with a huge table for friends to come and sew.
Shocked, I was, when I found all this...The children having other plans.
They set up 6 screens....OMG  I did not know we even had 6 screens!!!!
Tomorrow we are planning such a great time
First the farmers market.
Then all of us to lunch with friends.
Finally, friends here to help me put up the design walls.
I can barely wait.  I am so excited to have them back up
and for the entire fun day.

Cousin Ann visits the Cork homestead!! She meets Aoife for the first time.
The new boss in my girl's family is running the show as she learns to point!!
And so today was a day to be happy.
Even 90 degrees did not bother me today, reading on my screened in porch.
Bed time now, when Lynsey announces she is making raspberry cheese cake???
NO..I said, it is too late.....but really, she has already cleaned up the whole kitchen and her brother will help her.  I hear them taking pretend orders from pretend customers, both of them in aprons.

Grandma is chillin'.  A new experience for her!!


shoshu said...

i just don't know how you do it, i love my grand children, all 30 some odd of them, love them to pieces but i also love when they go home!!!!! those moments of quiet, things going according to my inner scheduel, i bless you with many many more days of joy!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Hang on to these times and savor. Build a store of them to last. Looks like a grand time.