Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Besting Pearl, etc.


Once again, that pest Pearl, would not leave my side... I ignored her and went to the pool....lovely.  Out of the pool, she was lurking by my car.  I could not find a friend for lunch, and I certainly was not eating out with Pearl.  Instead, I came home and went to bed!!  Lynsey so wanted to go to Aldi.  I so wanted to stay in bed.  Alas, I gave in to Lynsey and we went food shopping.  She picked out everything she thought we needed.  Once again, I loaded the car wrong, so I was told to sit in the car while she put the groceries in the trunk in an organized way.  At home, I was way too tired to help.  The girl put all the food away.

Pearl insisted that we sit together at the computer, but I bested her by looking at adorable pink Halloween fabric online, and then watched the quilt show: Jinny Beyer, a Legend at the Quilt Show

Pearl must have given up by then as I just loved watching the above show. I was surprised to see that Jinny was born in 1941.  Indeed she is a legend.  Again, this legend, too, lives on a huge piece of property with quilt designs worked into the landscaping!!

Above, is Jinny's first quilt...sign on to the The Quilt Show, legends, to see the fascinating way she blends fabrics.

Sherry's idea was to put my quilts in this cupboard instead of fabric.  So, I did!!  Some of them anyway.
Kids at karate tonight, using the tricks that they learned on each other..such fun...they are laughing!!
Tonight I made a pasta salad to go with the yummy salmon that Lynsey made.
The green pepper is from our garden...A garden of one green pepper and 3 cherry tomatoes!!
Tonight I will finish the bag hanger that I made for a friend
All this while I wait for the peach pie Lynsey has in the oven.
She asked me to help her with the I know how to make peach pie!!!
This morning we went to the farmers market for the fresh peaches.
Hoping my design wall can go up tomorrow so I can work on my UFOs
The next two days are supposed to carry a high of 97 degrees F.
We are going to play Canasta now, like I used to play with my own grandmother.
Pearl is not invited!!


Linda Swanekamp said...

Pearl loves headspace, she craves it. The kiddos forced her out and filled the space with laughter and food.

jane said...

You got this girl! Quilt on. Banish the beast.

rondiquilts said...

The Legends episodes are my favorites on TQS. I love seeing quilters that I have long admired and been inspired from in their homes and studios. Your grands are precious and take such care of you.
Rondi /