Friday, July 30, 2021

An Oyster without a Pearl, is Still an Oyster

Starting here with our Dylan mocking his grandmother as she struggles with seeing, post cataract surgery.

Thursday's gift of family and friends aligning my new design wall.

Finally one of my  purple challenge UFOs back on the design wall.!!
New room ready for Sit and Sews
I carefully cut a 2 and a half inch strip from this lovely feed sack piece. Too bad that
once up I realized that the value was off...sigh!!
Below is the small trolley I got for the side of my machine.  It is only 4 1/2 inches wide, just enough.
Lynsey helping Sherry assemble the little trolley.
Below, more on the Quilt Show Legends...Eleanor Burns
I did not think she was my style, but I was  wrong.  I came away from this with great admiration.
Lynsey's peach totally gone..!!

A weekend alone...I will make it mine...writing a list of what the former Mrs. O'Quilts used to like to do, before life came at me swinging.. Stay tuned.
Once again grateful and thank you to my support system, my lunch buddies and those who have faith in me that I am a survivor!!

 Jane I lost your email address..pls give it to me so I can properly thank you for your comments!!


Linda Swanekamp said...

Dylan wasn't mocking- he was trying to make you laugh! Your sewing space looks absolutely inviting. Mine is a mess. When life swings at us, sometimes we can't duck, but we can stand.

jane said...

Love Eleanor Burns! Have done several quilt-in-a-day workshops. Does she still have her shop I in NC near the Georgia border?