Saturday, October 23, 2021

Sew Happy Sewing Stuff...and Family, Of course.

Lynsey lost her phone this past week for two days and nights. She lost it for unspeakable verbal crimes against her grandmother.  She said that since she now had nothing to do without a phone, she might as well sew...hmmmm
She found a Halloween collection I had gifted myself during a low time.  She was thrilled that they all matched.  This Halloween mug rug, made in Lynsey's own style, now graces our coffee table with a pumpkin on top.
It seems that when I am so beside myself, I can hardly stand it, a surprise comes.
Last night I was gifted a lovely Tula Pink plastic zippy  bag...I love it!!
I bought some new dishtowels online because ours were totally disgusting.
New rule in my house...If you want to clean up some slop...We now have a rag bag in the laundry room!!
Someone already out for a walk on a cold and rainy Portland day!!
Fifteen months old...amazing!
Middle school darlings playing war amongst the flowers...As seen through my sewing room window.
Orange stars all taking shape.
Dylan watching some U-tube fishing channel out of Alaska.
At first I felt sad that his daddy does not do these things with him.
Then I said...TBTG for U-tube and smart Dylan can do whatever he wants when he grows up!!
Lynsey's sewing set up...Notes and fabric for her next project...My heart!!!

Had a visit with Jackie the other day.  I gifted her a plastic bag holder.
Thank you AMH
I must have someone who cares about me.
These African gems showed up this afternoon...
Now, all washed and ready to use.

Me thinks I am now getting carried away with blogging after last night's trauma.
So grateful to be able to show my stories again.



Mystic Quilter said...

God to see that the issue with blogging is all sorted and hopefully things will settle down. Sweet Aoife is growing up quickly!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Reading this on my laptop as my big computer decided to be a paperweight after I tried to upgrade the system. Can't do any blog posts because all my photos are on that. Good that you are up and running and that things are a bit calmer with addition of some great fabric.

Nancy said...

Oh good! I am so glad to see all the photos.