Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Life is Just Moving On...Fast!!!

Tonight, my dear granddaughter, Lynsey graduated from 8th grade.
She is the one in the red shirt with her diploma upside down, the torn pants and the proud, but defiant look on her face.  I do love that girl...My, have times changed...At 14, that great girl, has sent her grandmother to prayer.
Lynsey's siblings:  Evan, almost 18, Dylan 13, and Ava 5
Their mother and great step-father.

Mary Jerz, my longarmer brought four of my finished quilts by the other day.
Below are her pictures of my rendition of: 
Meadowland  I have chosen and cut the binding.  Tomorrow I will make it.  Very very excited.
It is a shame that arthritis and age has sent me to the longarmer.  Grateful for Mary.

 "I am out with lanterns, looking for myself."  Emily Dickinson

Working on myself even still...at 75..Sigh...never a finished product.  Just heard of this site tonight and have begun to explore it.:


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