Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Life, the Craziest Activity I Have Ever Been Part of.....

 Today, I was excited about a Sit and Sew....I was packed and ready.  The morning light brought a disgruntled me who decided to stay home and pout..However, .I made myself go and had a great time.

Below are the results of my day. I had brought a bag of African scrap strips, fully planning to give them away.  Not!!!...Selfish me sewed them together instead.  Great relaxing fun!!
All these strip sets are fodder for creativity.....
At Christmas, I bought myself three Amaryllis plants.  One bloomed once and I gave it away in disgust.
One bloomed several times, I keep it on the mantle in hope.. This one is a winner...keeps on blooming until almost March...way to go.

Aged insecurity soothed with gifts.  From Lucy came a bouquet of roses; from Susan came a little Easter gift because she knows I love orange; from my DIL, a text that she is thinking of me...
Lucky, Lucky me. At Sit and Sew, friend, Suzie calmed my soul and friends gathered round to help me lift my bags and to laugh in quilty comraderie..

Meanwhile, in the Oregon mountains, near Mt.Hood, Aoife and her daddy built an igloo
At 3 and a half, Aoife learns the fine art of snowball throwing.
The valentine I received from Aoife....she stamped her name on the back.

A God thing.... a great read by Dr. Edwards from right here in Charlotte.
How to live the last part of life...with eyes wide open...
Very grateful I found this.
Now, as the night went on...poof, a blown fuse or something.  I had to get security up to unplug things. Silly me had the iron and fireplace plugged in too long at the same time.in the same socket.

This crazy life:  I never know which way is up and which way is down.
Tonight I went nuts trying to access the Quilt Con awards online...only to be told it was tomorrow night...Dear me...


Julierose said...

Just love your little African fragments fabric blocks;) so vibrant!!

Thanks so much for the tip on "Late Fragment" I have it on my wish list [being in my 80th year here! I will take all the help I can find, right?)

Aoife is so adorable in her little snow outfit...thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your strippy fun looks like the beginning of a batch of potholders. Your roses are beautiful! Amaryllis just bloom once and then wait until next year. One of mine bloomed for almost a month. The cactus blooms keep coming though, round 2 is about to start, 5 plants with buds.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Wonderful strip set seeds! Glad you persevered and pushed on through. You probably made some one else's life a bit brighter also. Glad you have service people to give you a hand.