Saturday, October 28, 2017

For the Love of Stories

Getting into the fall spirit.
The  live Christmas wreath from last year at Trader Joe's
I found it tossed in the yard.
I save everything!!!!
I added fake flowers for $4...with my 60% off coupon from Michaels.
A daytime picture would be nicer, but impetuous me.....does the night owl thing.
In making a quilt, the idea and the fabric one starts with is often not the end product.
I was so set in sacrificing  my 30's green it looks like it will be the binding instead.
The back turned out a bit bluer than I had planned, so using my reproduction blue fabric
This quilt will defintly be a two sided story in its own right.

 I come from a family that tells stories.
My mother certainly did in her poetry.
My grandmother and my brother were/are great story tellers.
Guess I do too....
I married a story teller from a family of story tellers.
This quilt has a story...from the lady I knew from the estate sale to the friend of my aunt's with the flower garden blocks.  I am adding my own fabric story to it.
This quilt has to stew over night so I can be sure.

Tomorrow I will need to cover some plants...
Monday morning should be 31 degrees.
The true changing of the foliage.
Nature's story, again.

My therapist suggested that I hum to reduce panic and anxiety.
He said it was like the monks, ".om"
It makes the diaphragm vibrate, reducing stress
I sat on the deck today reading.
I decided to hummmmm
Deep  and loud.
Zoe joined in.
She put that head of hers up...and howled!!!!
Ha ha, that is Zoe's story.


Mary said...

Your recycled wreath is beautiful and perfect for the season. I love quilts with stories.

Karaquilts said...

I believe every quilt is a story, a poem, an expression of visual art, and a musical composition! I think this quilt is all of these and more. The back is lovely and definitely equal with the front in begging for attention!

To hum ~ ~ I will remember that gem and use as needed :) and think of the singing Zoe with a smile.