Friday, October 20, 2017

The O'Quilts Goings on...

Grandma O'Quilts says "Hello"!!!!
 Every year, I post this same wall hanging..just because...
And two of the bags I made for the grands.....long outgrown...
My son appears here, front and center....
I always liked this picture as  he is quiet and stands
It was an Irish dance photo on the cover that year of the Mecklenburg county 6th grade curriculum.
 Still looking around...a Mola I had bought in Panama, back in the day.
Cats of course!!  The San Blas Indians do reverse applique.
 My WIP....or works in progress...
Last winter, I went to my first quilter estate sale.
I found this partially hand pieced top..with all the fixings.
Way too much for me to hand... ....
Here is the beginning of a table topper..
I cut away what was finished, stabilized the bias edges.
Now to put a border on with the vintage fabric that came with the piece.
I just love creating with someone else's unfinished work.

Won't this look nice on the porch table with my wedding Rose Chintz?
My favorite of Johnson Brothers....
Sad to see it on ebay at a fraction of the price..

Chatty little notes from the O'Quilt's home...
The darlings went 3 hours tonight to Black Belt Boot Camp!!
Wahoo..they are really in shape.
Off to their cousins' house,exhausted after that...
Manana I will stay home to supervise the replacement of our sump pump.
$$$$$   Oh, well...Gotta have the waste go up the hill...just have to!!!

Stunning days to read outside in Carolina blue skies.
Thanks to Muggs, I have several exciting books to start.
I can see more improvement in my hip situation.
Today, I climbed my stairs...twice!!!
Walked around Trader Joe's
Starting to eat lunches out again with friends..
Still organizing my sewing room..
A forever job.

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ES said...

I still haven't organised my sewing area! I just gotta get it done!