Monday, October 30, 2017

Roll on Stories, Roll on...

Back to the stories in quilts...This quilt is soooo loved by the family,
I will preserve it.
I am a big fan of Multicolored Pieces
She is repairing her old quilt with hand made art.
I can only Wonder-Under and machine quilt.
These orphan blocks are from a shirt of my son's when he was 18.
I made a quilt of them for him, but......long lost..
The pieces are ironed on...Will secure them later.
Looking soon for other red and white memories for the more deteriorated parts.
It is really all about love.
Maybe a flannel part of my husband's shirts is left..??.
Maybe a piece from the children's clothing??
Getting excited.

My favorite part of quilting...choosing the colors.
Starting the border process now.for this top...may just need a solid.?
The quilt needs a border because the quilt is too small without it.
Lynsey goes to Girls on the Run...twice a week.  She loves it.
Hoping for a donut on the way home,...
She goes in by herself for one donut and a glass of water.
Feeling so grown up and important.
Not to worry,
My van is right by the door.
Remember Grandma  has a cane to beat folks off...
 The only homework responsible child...the girl amongst two boys.
She has to get this homework done..even while enjoying her Halloween treat.
This grandma is putting away all her Halloween fabric.
The house is a mess and the conventional wisdom is that Halloween is soon over.
Is this the year for a Thanksgiving quilt?
Absolutely NOT> away that goes too...

It is time for Christmas sewing
TBTG I did teacher presents while I was recuperating.
Should I insist on the 7,8 and 12 year old making their own presents this year?
Or should I just chill...?
The seven year old is almost done...but...the others have big, bad homework.
Thank goodness for my I can think out loud.
Thank goodness for the delete button, so you all have a choice..😎😎.
Thank goodness for all of you..

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Karaquilts said...

Since you posted your auditioning fabrics for border ideas ~ ~ I will vote! I like the last photo with the lower left fabric ~ ~ the reddy-orange with circles of stripes. Try that one alone and see how it feels. I think it might be perfect :)