Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Make Welcome....and More...

These pictures are not so great, but I wanted to post..
This Christmas quilt is in done...all done..
..Thank you Terri ..once again for the gift of quilting.
The of  my very favorites.
 My sister's Bento Box quilt
Lighting so poor.
Will try to get another before she gives it to her neighbor..
42 years old, with Lupus.
You probably cannot see the backing fabric..
Orange batik polka dots...$1 a yard 10 years ago
at Hobby Lobby when I still shopped there.
Why is it so hard for me still to use some of my collection???
Disappearing Bento Box tute

New quilt shop near Mint three weeks..
.very promising
 in a lovely white house next to the police station...

Beth, from our Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild..started....
Make Welcome, teaching refugees to sew.

A lovely day in Charlotte, North Carolina.
It was sweater weather in Carolina blue skies.
Perfect for reading outside after a good staff meeting at the middle school.
Good Grandma O'Quilts.
Tonight IQ meeting at my house and a 31 year old bday party for my niece, Alexis.
Laughs and friendship...nothing better.
I am still struggling with walking...with a cane.
However, me self and I have had an attitude adjustment..😻😻

Debbie Hix  email me...I cannot find your email address.
I would like to see how  you are doing.


Rhonda said...

Two beautiful quilts!! I wish I lived closer so I could visit that new quilt store....hehehehe!

Barb said...

wonderful christmas quilt - love those streaks of lightning.