Sunday, October 29, 2017

My mind as I knew it...

Here we go...finished about low volume  ...or maybe it is the photographer??

And am I happy....Of course..I am thrilled to have incorporated so much into this piece and have it all work.. Then comes the disclaimer from the fabric addict's brain.
The blue 1.5 inch border fabric is now all is the flowered 5 inch border.
 I know the other pink works,it is in the same line...the freaky part is...
OMG the fabric is gone..
.I had better order more...what if I cannot find more???
And that takes over..

I have to do a lot of self-talk to tell the addict that there is an entire warehouse of fabric right under this roof...and not to worry..there is more fabric, maybe not that..and anyway,
 I am keeping this piece, so I can enjoy looking at it.right here.

My mind then goes to Christmas...Why in the world are you working on this when Christmas is almost here and you have no special something for your daughter  who does everything for you???
No, Mrs. O" are relaxing and you really enjoyed working on this.
It is still only October.
Your daughter would be so happy not get so many whiny texts...
She will be happy to know you are relaxed...but still....
No wonder I need so many naps.
And the humming!!!!
My three days of studio cleaning were undone in a day or two.
Missing.... one Xbox remote (6 months gone)
One new Verizon phone (one month gone)
One alarm clock for a present (8 months gone)
I have hidden money to be found.
A million projects to be found.

Sitting outside after many naps, I am finishing my book and freezing.
It is 50 degrees...very cold for Charlotte..but I am working on toughness.
I grab the warmest quilt I have.
But, it is not warm anymore.
The top is over 100 years old
I have put wool inside and tied it with yarn...having made a special label telling its story
It was the family favorite quilt, now a reminder that nothing lasts forever.

All the whites have deteriorated...they look like they came from underwear anyway, so they had plenty of wear before the quilt
In the past four years that I put this $15 top into a quilt, it has been used as a sleeping bag, a recliner cuddler, a tent, a children's movie cover, etc
It is in shreds.  I took it outside anyway, holes and all.
I can put my finger through all the white pinstriped boxer fabric.
Zoe wonders why I fret???
She also hopes I have a treat hidden inside.

As I continue to heal in many ways, I look up at the huge pine trees in my yard..well over 100 feet tall.  I always remind myself that they are older than I am. The stones I walk on are older than I am (John O'Donohue)
  If there is a God, it is not me...for sure, it is not me...
Philosophy aside, I need another nap.
I am accepting that I need naps.
I am coming to love them.
Starting already on another post
But, it is not for Christmas......
Why...not...Grandma O'Quilts....Why not/??

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Karaquilts said...

"Of all the things I've ever lost, I think I miss my mind the most." Some quotes are famous for a reason :) I think this thought much more often than I like!

Okay, I have decided NOT to make things for Christmas because I am tired of unnecessary guilt ~ ~ sooooo, I hereby bequeath upon you the freedom from making anything more for Christmas. Give unexpected gifts whenever you feel like it. Skip the Christmas pressure. No more record keeping of things like that. Life is too short and too full of other unavoidable stresses to be stressed by self-imposed "shoulds"

And that's all the therapy I have in my for today ~ ~ just hugs left!