Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Old and the New, or...the New and the Old

I certainly wish I could show you a clean and tidy sewing room...
Alas, I can only show you a neat and tidy new ironing board cover.
 Cats...from IKEA

The old and dirty one...polka dots...also from IKEA
IKEA fabric is so wide and so nice.
I was looking at the leftover vintage pieces from the table topper I showed the last post.
 Finding this piece was a thrill...I thought I might have enough for the backing...
When I opened it, it was a dress!!!  OMG..
 Today was so lovely...Carolina Blue with Cumulus clouds.
I read outside...did some errands...made a lemon cake for tomorrows Sit and Sew..
Every day now, I climb the stairs at least once.  I have not done that in at least 6 years.
It is tough, but it gives me hope.
My grands are growing up..Evan made fruit smoothies after the little ones went to bed.
Peace in this valley today

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