Friday, October 27, 2017

It is a Process, they say.....a Process

A Story, or two.
Vintage top finished
 In 1974, Great Aunt Billie, introduced me to her best friend, living in Glendale, Arizona.
She was a brilliant quilter.
She gave me parts of an unfinished, hand pieced,
 Grandmother Flower Garden quilt top.
I eventually made a lap quilt from it
What to do with the remnants?? (found while cleaning my sewing room..SR)
Since they are in the same era as what I am working on now, I will incorporate those pieces into the backing of this table quilt..
Here, I have just placed them on the top for dimensions ...
 In the box with the rest of the scraps from a recent quilter's estate sale,
were these two vintage fabrics.  The one on the right is the fabric in the quilt.
I think that the one on the left is vintage as well..but from a later time.
Turning 70 soon, and my visits to two already...quilter estate sales is slowly shifting my focus to using some of the fabric I love and collect.  IMHO the green on the right is collectible.
It came with a piece of newspaper 1939.
My tendency is to save it...cuz it is so rare and special.
Instead, I am going to use it on the back of this piece that I will keep myself..
Stay tuned..

Today was the day that school was closed.  It had been on all my calendars for weeks and weeks.
Last night we celebrated with a movie, staying up late and exciting plans for today..
This included me sleeping in and the darlings on the computer

Alas...old Grandma O'Quilts had  made an error.
The triangle on the school site was "end of quarter" not "teacher work day".
It seems that we were all destined for a mental health day.
It also seems that I was the only one who did not know this.
Even the 7 year old knew that there was not only school, but spelling tests as well.
...How delightful to have put one over on Grandma!!

It is the crazy hour...Of course I blog at the crazy hour....
All the pit bulls and kitty cats are fast asleep.
This week I have eaten out with friends 3 different times.
I have been to two quilting groups and one therapist.
I have spent 2 hours at the middle school advocating for the 7th grader for his 504 plan
And I have had to listen to pre-adolescent angst and bad humor.

I have had ..ha ha ha mental health day!!!

Yet at this hour, I am lonely and a bit frightened....a generalized fear.
An unsettling.
It is because my love is gone.
Nothing takes the place of my dear man, Mr. O'Quilts.
I will never get over his dying and his death.
He was my everything.

According to my nurse friend, Peggy, it is normal for me to be so exhausted with all the surgeries I have been through in 13 months. and all the other things.
Why I need reminding of this is beyond me.
However, I have made one big decision.

In December, I will turn 70.

I have decided to celebrate that..
Many folks do not get the chance to be 70...This lady is just plain going to have fun!!
No whining allowed. 

I am getting some of my interests/energy back. 
 Today I made a fall wreath for the door.
I sewed.
I have been cooking Susan Branch's broth and chicken soup.
and everyday I make myself climb the stairs in my house once.
My recently purchased Halloween candy is safe at my sister's house.
My nephew came to collect it tonightšŸ˜”
Tomorrow will bring a cuddle on the porch wrapped in a quilt, and...
a good read.
If I am lucky, I will finish the backing for this quilt.


Karaquilts said...

A process ~ ~ yes, all of life is a process!! Quilting is only satisfying if you find ways to enjoy each step, so I'm thinking that must apply to life as well :) Do use those precious fabrics and cut them and sew them and stroke them and admire them and enjoy them.

And Do Celebrate the milestones ~ ~ YOU are worthy of celebration and so is the number ~ ~ life is too short to skip the parties.

Kate said...

Awwww. Love the mental-health-day story. You are too darn funny. Miss you!