Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Wonderful, Wonderful.....

A wonderful visit with my son this afternoon.
Dylan showing off his 2nd grade reading skills for his Daddy.
Daddy teaching boys how to chop down a tree done in by Hurricane  Maria.
Evan took the hatchet and did it all himself..Daddy so proud.
Dylan not to be left out..
See the Coleus...a tropical plant looking so like fall here.

Zoe getting tired of the story..She wants to do trees with the boys.
 Lynsey does not care...she is into the book.

I found this great tutorial.. on Mill House Quilt Tutorials number 10/Generational Quilts
Shared by Shasta at High Road Quilter
I loved it and had never heard of Mill House Quilts.
Thank you Shasta.

Donut Wall Party
A great idea for a birthday party for an old lady???
Oh, OK..not!!  How about a nine year old?

Today was a great day
I decided that two Naproxen was better than one.
 I went to the pool and was able to do everything.
I dropped into Michael's for candy melts for cool Halloween cookies I can make with the kids.
Halloween yummy treats
I had an awesome lunch out with a bestie.

And then, the best part of all...My son came to visit.
I have been worried for a month about my odometer..being broken.
The yellow light was on and I knew that a broken odometer was illegal.
Within seconds of getting my son off the bus, he pushed a button and the light went out.
He said that OD stood for overdrive, not odometer..hmmmm says old granny.

Within the hour, he had wiped out half the chores on my list. He can do most everything.
The tree came down, the oil was filled in the car, the hook on the wall fixed, the garage with the boys organized..sewing room light switch fixed....I am so very happy.
He took the kids to the creek and played with them.
He is such a great daddy...for four hours anyway.

Breaking bad tonight, we missed bedtime by all of us taking him to the bus stop.
A family adventure.
He left to go back to his world..
I love my son.
His kids filled his back pack with their granola bars and Gatorade.
They want him to have food.
He has lived in the woods for 3 years now.
We have not heard from him in 5 weeks.
Tonight was a stellar visit.

He said not to worry, he would be back soon to fix the fence and the electrical outlet on the porch.
And have more fun with his children in the creek.
My cup runneth over with joy...
Wonderful, wonderful.

Getting ready early for Christmas..Thank you Terri for quilting this.
Here I am free motioning the tree star circles..and getting read for a binding.
Life is just so good today.
I love the world.

ps: How we roll at our house. Seven year old Dylan sneaks into his 12 year old brother's bed at night.
So very sweet.

Tomorrow will be good too.
More Naproxen, my great therapist and a quilting birthday party.


Barb said...

everyone has their own journey in this world. I'm happy you had such a nice visit.

Karaquilts said...

My heart is full with you :) A moment to hold in your heart and relive as often as needed. And pictures to prove it really did happen. I'm pleased to share it with you. I love the Coleus. Now to visit the quilt tutorial ~ ~ ~

Unknown said...


Mystic Quilter said...

I so enjoyed reading this post Diane, so happy that you had a lovely visit from your son, he and the grandies look happy together and therefore that makes you happy too. Writing to you tomorrow!