Saturday, November 21, 2020

The New Zoom Life


The unpaper towel above, to save the earth and money and sanity...maybe.
There are tons of easy.  I did not put mine on a roll as that would not suit my busy family, However, I think it is a great idea.  
Below is Lynsey picking out the fabric for ours.
We used terry cloth (torn towels will do) backed with fabric scraps.
This Covid thing is not a good thing...
They said on the local news today, to uninvite your guests for
Thanksgiving....It is not worth the risk.  I made myself some new masks today that take filters which I ordered online...shipping from USA.  I got them already.
Lynsey is writing her autobiography.  Dylan is helping her with the tech part.  They are so close
Fighting yes, but loving too.

Today, from noon to  8pm, I had a Zoom Sit-and-Sew with my Good Vibes quilters.
We are in Charlotte, Minnesota, Oregon.  It was great fun.  I finished the above masks, The extra protection of filters in masks and how to care for them.
finished off potholders, so I now have 20...5 more to go for my goal. I made 8 non-paper towels,
Laughed and chatted with friends...even took a break to ride my stationary bike and do my bicep curls.

Tomorrow morning is a two hour Zoom Sit and Sew with the Charlotte Guild.  Tomorrow night is my Naranon the new Zoom life.

After today's fun, my sewing room is in the worse mess ever.
Honestly, I think the mess fairy comes and does a number in this room!!

I love to stay up all night and sew...but then I get up at noon and miss a lot of fun and sun..
Kids are with their mother, My son is putting out Christmas lights to cheer us on..
Hoping that that mess fairy comes back tonight while I am sleeping to put this room in order.

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