Friday, January 29, 2021

Fun Friday

My present to me!!  Although, I did make myself do my exercises before I opened the package.  

$3.99 a yard...Amazing deal

Just in case you did not know...I love fabric...and especially love a good deal. Never would I say that I have enough, even though I have more than enough...I love it so.  Quilting and fabric collecting are two different passions...sigh!!

Soo, today came my first order from:  African Fabric...

This all was $3.99 a yard..(almost free)..since full prices are around $11 a yard  .And, yes, I did leave some behind...although it was very difficult and the children did say that they have to eat and have shoes, etc.

I have tons of reasons why I did this, but no excuses...I cannot wait to get these washed in order to play with them.!!!  Life can be soooo much more wonderful with stunning art supplies.

My January finish:

This scrap quilt started with random 2.5 inch squares made into four patches.
Four patches matched with triangles. etc.
Imperfect is cuddly as well as perfect is cuddly. And, I am sneaking this in as a finish even though I have not snipped the threads...Eager to start something else!!!

Brilliant sunshine today but a freezing high of 45 degrees.
Gone are the days of my warm living in Phoenix and Miami.
All is well.  Life is good and the children are thrilled it is Friday.


Cherie said...

I smiled when you said a freezing 45 degrees. I would consider that quite warm in the middle of winter. Anything above about 41 has me taking off my jacket and rolling up my sleeves when outdoors. My neighbour was wrapped up in several layers today but I was pleasantly warm.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Hah, it is about 15 today here. And snow covered. That is ok. Love the finished quilt. I love fabric also and it pains me to have to buy it online instead of fondling it in a fabric store.

Mystic Quilter said...

Yes Diane - we do know how much your love fabric and why should you not! You were lucky to find the African batiks at that price. Happy to see you're busy quilting again.