Monday, January 18, 2021

Joy to the World.

Today, the sun shone down on me.  With a tip, I was able to receive my first Covid vaccine shot.
Evidently, near the end of the day, there are sometimes shots left.  Rather than throw them away, they are available to walk-ins.  A brave friend and I took the risk and won...Wahoo.

Beneath my room's rubble of fabric paradise , emerged this;  Funky Jelly Roll top.
Made from loose and sparkly fabric from..... heaven knows where.
Below, sewing lessons resume...six months, checking out the measuring tape.
COVID attacks Charlotte, North Carolina
We are told to stay  home.  The children still have remote learning.  The library has reduced its hours. The senior center is closed...again...
At certain times, I drive my books to the front of the library.  I call the library.  A masked lady comes out with a box. We exchange books.  We, old and tired folks, are told to reconsider the grocery store.
So!!  Amazon Prime delivery, here we come. This is Amazon fresh with rotisserie chicken, carrots, leeks, etc.  The children were so excited to look through the bags and put away the food.
Tonight we were able to have chili.

In her walker, Aoife smiles. Sometimes, Rosie the dog, brings her own toys to play along side of the baby.

My life now consists of an 11 year old girl insisting that my sewing room is hers and the family's  and so is my computer.  She said, I should not be selfish.

It consists of Tik Tok in:

"How to Piss of Your Boss", and, "What Teenagers Know that Parents Do Not!"  (and for sure,  Grandmothers will certainly not know.)

                              I am busy being entertained with O'Quilt family preteens, dancing and lip syncing to to their own generational music.  And recording it....For awhile, I got away with the fact that Granddaddy loved classical music...They loved Granddaddy, but listening to his music did not last..

Add to all that is: sixth grade science and social studies. and, getting texts from Dylan's teacher that somehow, he missed his entire math class.  With one hand on the computer games and one on his school Chrome book, Dylan smiles the sweetest smile as he tells me that he does not know what she is talking about.

Yet, today, the magic happened.   I was able to get my first Covid vaccine shot.

I am oh, so grateful..xxoooxoo


Emily said...

I'm so glad to hear you got your fist shot! NC seems to be doing pretty well, better than other states where I have family waiting for their turn.

Cherie said...

I'm glad to hear that you had the vaccine. Have you felt any side effects?

Mystic Quilter said...

Happy to read you were able to get a hold of your first Covid shot, what a story about how you were able to finally have this one, do you need a second one? The food bag idea sounds good, freshly delivered and no risk to visiting the stores.

Raewyn said...

Great that you were able to follow up on the tip and get your first vaccine shot. Hope there are no side effects and I'm guessing there will be a second one soon? Your household sounds very busy, with the complication of children there all day instead of off to school! So good that so much is able to be safely delivered these days.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Glad you got the shot and then #2, one less thing to worry about. I know it is difficult for the online learning. Kids are not easy to raise, you are doing you best and don't let it upset you (easier said then done).