Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Zombie Apocalypse, and More

Look at what came in the mail yesterday!!  Linda Swanekamp's hand painted Christmas tree card.
I am one lucky duck..A big Thank You Linda!!!

Sixteen patch top is finished...a quick one with lots of fun playing with value.
It kind of reminds me of the sea and living in Miami,
This quilt is more low key than I usually make.
Grateful that I have a fabric collection of  years.

Under supervision of Emily, Rosie and Aoife share a teether..
In less than two weeks, this little missy will be 6 months old
Here she is awaiting her sweet potato--smooshed into breast milk

The story:  This "living room" used to be my office for my business.
When ALS came barreling into our lives, I had to  close my business and make this room into a hospital room, hospital bed and all.  Once my man died. I hated this room,  To make it more bearable,, it became sewing room number 2.  A few years later, my son found recovery and moved it.  He wanted to sleep in this room on the sofa.  Ok...We divided the room for him.  Now, Dylan does his homework in this part of the room....Dylan asked for LED lights for Christmas.
While I was napping......Dylan and his daddy got to work.
 This is just a small part of the show, he and his dad put up....Speechless!!!

The other night I slept so hard and so long, that at 12:30, the family came in to see if I was still alive..
Immediately it all began.  Lynsey opened my blind too hard and it crashed to the floor.
The theatrical one then had to demonstrate my fall the other night...OMG  She even found the Lego to show her father exactly how it happened. She was hysterical.
I had not even risen from my comfy bed yet...when the drama  started.

I have so turned into my mother.  She worked at the OSI at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.  It was emotionally tough for some of us have been born with a very thin skin.  We would all be waiting for her when she got home...Mother...Mother, we blathered on...  After a quick hug, she announced that she needed respite.
She locked herself into her bedroom with the newspaper and Madam Butterfly opera blaring.  She was in there forever...OK...She set the timer for thirty minutes.....
All of us grew up hating opera.

Here, there is just nowhere to hide in a loud and busy household.

My son and the children, dressed in their Christmas long underwear and gloves, etc took the dog and the picnic, way into the woods to build a fort.  According to Lynsey, they are preparing and practicing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

The sun shines here with Carolina blue skies belying the very cold day. The front driveway is littered with ice prevention pebbles for the snow that never came.
I am indeed grateful for Zombies, as peace is upon this household, just for the minute... 

Installment two...Today is the second day,. the family and dog went to their the time the Zombies show, the O'Quilts' family will be all set for survival

Tonight, big bad Grandma,  requested that the children fold the family laundry. OMG one would think I had asked them to be tortured....I am punishing them for their snotty retorts by making for dinner , my mother's prize winning meatloaf. They think that they hate meatloaf.
Our family has been in chaos for 7 some years, We choose to be happy.
Life is still good. 


Cherie said...

When I was teaching excluded teenage girls I used to come in from work and collapse on the sofa.. 'Just give me ten minutes' was my request. Alexander was brilliant. He would put a cup of tea in my hand and get on cooking tea. Age fifteen he cooked tea many nights to give me a break. He's a darned good cook too.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Well, it is always jarring to see my work on the internet. I was certainly surprised. Loud and busy is better than total silence and boredom. It is not ideal, but live people who are just rumbunctious is better than aloof, snotty and emotionally distant people (like what I grew up with). When working with kids, I have learned to make things a game or competition to take the sting out of chores. The littler ones usually buy in which is why I loved teaching elementary art and dreaded middle school art students. Especially 7th graders. Yikes.

Bridget said...

Sometimes a little chaos is okay, as long as there are breaks. Gotta have the breaks. I suspect sewing is yours. Mine is a three day trip to Santa Fe, gourmet meals and a nice hotel room. Sadly, that has not been the case this year, so we are chaotic and I just go to the sewing room and often, I don't sew, but watch one episode of ER after another, sometimes knitting. Yes, I'll be glad when this is over!!