Monday, September 11, 2023

All I See is Love

Modern travel brings Aoife to visit her cousin in Clonakilty town beach. It so touches my heart to see them hold hands and reconnect with each other...

Light house

Below a random potholder made  yesterday
A delightful gift from Sally....One of her knitted pumpkins...Thank you Sally!!
IMHO  Perfect picture!  Doing girl things...xo

Saturday night widows' potluck...A big thanks to Pat...and of course Christine for driving.
So wonderful to see everyone and to feel able!  We have all been together 8 years.
Below my Brie with brown sugar and chopped nuts for the microwave for 45 seconds and garnished with Wax Begonia blossoms....And,  yes, Google said they were edible...just not too many!!
Below, all excited about a potholder that did not come out as planned...oh, well....

More  family drama which I handled by going to a quilting group this morning and a sewing group after lunch....a very good 700 page novel being read on my patio this afternoon..  Trying to stay in my own lane and celebrate my own gifts.  Tomorrow widow women at lunch to console ourselves with comraderie and laughter..Wednesday's women the next day to celebrate friendship.

I am thinking of getting this machine.  Right now, I am using the Little Blue machines which belong to my grands....This red machine is also 11 pounds and it has something an old lady automatic needle threader.  It does not include a walking foot, but I guess I could cough up more money for that.
I have to think twice or three my one bedroom apt is now so full of fabric, etc that I have no room for a sofa, nor a dining room table.. Of course, it being red is also a draw.  If anyone has one who loves it...let me know. (Tell no one that this would make sewing machine number 5 )

Sweet picture above is our Aoife sick with the Irish sniffles...Abby brought it home from pre-school...Cousins are sick together....Oh, my...

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Michele Bilyeu said...

What an exquisite photo of your beautiful granddaughter ❤❤❤