Monday, September 4, 2023

Chocolate all over my Potholders

Relaxing holiday work....For now, these are decorating my front door.

There is a new program to upload pictures.  Gone is the leveling button and also the focus button.
Somehow I do not think this is progress.... AND, today at Trader Joe's, I was told to "tap" my credit card????  Old Grandma learns new tricks.

Went to Trader Joe's in a good healthy mood.  Came home exhausted wondering why.

Went next door to our rehab building to visit a friend....big Covid sign on the door.....Left my present and ran home...OK, ran as in only an old lady could.

 Today I pulled my new, from the library book, out to read on my patio.  The title looked familiar, but...I started it anyway.   I am now exactly half way finished.....again....I have indeed read this book.   However, as I re-read it, I am enjoying the details I must have skipped over before.  I have never, ever read a book twice.  God knows what will start happening to me when I turn 76!!!!  Just putting it out there to share with my friends,   my obvious decline......

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I see I can 'tap' some of my credit cards too but have never done it. I don't think the stores I go to are set up for it yet.
I have re-read 2 books and might read one of them again. I don't really remember the story line completely, and like you, picked up on details I missed the first time around.