Thursday, September 7, 2023

Surprise!!!! More Potholders.....

Life is short....use the Marcia Derse!!!

Ok...lets get the holidays in order to reduce stress!!

Next time I go to a Sit and Sew, I will make tissue holders.   They are so simple to  just hand out to hoop-la...just tissues...And, everyone can use one.  They are perfect for the theme of "small things with great love", (Mother Teresa)
If I make bowl covers, they will be small ones....not too many people cook here, but a small cover is great for small snacks or things from doggie bags.

My second name tag decoupaged with quilt cool..Thank you Sherry for the idea.
And, me...being me, ordered a third name tag because I had two  more little patches to use up.

Oh, my goodness....Kristen has great videos on labeling quilts..

Hancocks of Paducah  is one of my favorite sites.  Sale pages only.  Sometimes, eg between Christmas and New Year, there are percentages off the prices...great time to look and great time to buy.

Whittles Fabrics is another sale spot.  I bought grunge fabric last  year at a great sale price...gotta watch for it...

Let me know if  you have other sale sites for us..

Above is a present for my neighbor.
Ending here with my succulents.
I am so tired.
PT is so hard.
I lost  alot of progress being out for my surgery, etc.
So, so  missing my youth!!

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Love the new potholders! You go girl! Use those precious fabrics.