Sunday, September 17, 2023

Happy Things

My heart, my beating heart!!
Tonight is the 8th grade dance.  Our 13 year old Dylan and his 13 year old date.

My divided 4 patch process.  Nothing is sewn together yet.  The purple ends are fabric from Thailand.  My girl brought that back for me from her honeymoon...years ago.

Treats from the Equilter labor day sale.  Thank you Honey.
Fabric gifted to me from Linda
A gift of love from Ellen.  Talk about hitting the right spot!!!
Painted by our Anne....So I can turn it over to the Great Universal Spirit (GUS), instead of brooding on things myself.  A great reminder...The other side is a painted sun.
Aoife and her Irish daddy.
Aoife by the green door in Ireland in her patchwork dress
Since happy is all around me, just thought I would share a picture of my awesome new bed sheets!!
Vintage Turtle, pls give me your email address so we can chat xo

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