Thursday, September 28, 2023

Just Sharing my Day

I was asked to donate some things for a fundraiser, coming up in November...  I looked everywhere for a school compass, found one, lost one.  Today I found another.
I went for a flu shot at the grocery store....They gave me a 5$ coupon.  Well, my  mother always treated us after a shot...See, Mom, I did learn from you.  Another compass and a Butterfinger!!

After all my work finding the compass, the reality was the my Accuquilt die was easier and the right size.  A two and a half inch square completed it....All hard work  until " easy" was discovered right under  my own eyes!!
My girl in Portland thinks it is adorable that her dog, Rosie favors 80 year old quilts...Oh, my heart!!
Now if the animal was a cat.....

Today, I exercised in the pool, went for a flu shot, picked up a book at the library, had a two hour lunch with a friend, and read outside in the breeze.
It was not enough.  My sister has more energy than I do.
I have so much fabric and so many ideas and time is flying with me having not the energy I dream of.

Tomorrow plans: go to PT, bind a quilt,  read a book, go to the bells concert and be a bit more understanding of this old aging process!!

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Linda, The Vintage Turtle said...

Sweet Rosie on a beautiful, soft old quilt. I love it! Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit today.