Saturday, December 23, 2023

Portland is Good to Me…More Friends and Such


Aoife is totally adorable when sleeping…especially under the angel Christmas quilt I made for her mother 35 years ago..Xxoo ox

My fellow travelers from my ALS support group…It has been almost 9 years since my dear man left us…These friends have loved ones who suffered the same fate…We have survived this trauma because of each other. Once again, we met in Portland for dinner…Nothing like friendship
Thank you Denise for the homemade Kiwi jelly…from your back yard..

Below the jelly roll I brought with me…and easy sew.
Horrified, I found that strips were not the same size…some were 1/4 inch bigger than others.  I usually do not buy jelly rolls because I am a scrap quilter….I have a number of ones that have been gifted to me.  They are perfect for times in groups that I need to talk and sew and listen and sew
Now sewing four strips together for 16 patches.

A random Portland parking sign…Never heard of the app:  Parking Kitty.

Love the reindeer in a quilt patch dress

 Learning the quilt thing early

Making Great-great-grandma’s Swedish sugar cookie recipe
And leaving them to cool right in front of me!!!!!!

I notice that I left behind in Charlotte the presents I had collected for my daughter…Oh, well.
Call from my sister, due to side effects of her first chemo treatment, Alexis is in the ER…doctors orders…Sigh…this life of ours..!!
My SIL made this for the front porch
And my 100 year old antique quilts are being used as a tent for Aoife…Sigh..again..

We all played Christmas Bingo….Aoife loved it…so much 3 year old fun
We can , at times, celebrate joy this season.

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Linda Swanekamp said...

What a great opportunity to spend time with your beloved family. Prayers for your sister to get the proper treatment.