Friday, December 1, 2023

Unfocused Once Again

 Organizing my scraps leads to working on a random project.

I was looking for a certain large Sawtooth star pattern to start with Alexis Peace quilt for her chemo...when I spied these windmills on my design wall...All of a sudden I was pulling out a drawer of solids looking for lattice for this...hmmm...  What would your choice be?  It is strange how a photo can change an opinion.

IKEA has a new rolling cart, much smaller than the other....So perfect for my thread next to my machine.
Home Depot sold this 10 foot orange plastic chain.....With hooks, I can hang fabric strips on it .

At my age, holidays surely  change.  Instead of the matriarch with the dinner and big tree...a grandma becomes perifery as the children grow up with their own lives and family members die.
I see now that it is the midnight hour and my mind is going dark....Tomorrow will be brighter as I meet with friends and sew....
My cleaning lady came today so I get to crawl into fresh, clean sheets. 

1 comment:

Linda Smith said...

Definitely yellow for the lattice. It’s going to be lovely whatever color you choose,