Sunday, December 10, 2023

Those Holiday Feelings

Just a little message from Aoife..age 3.

Mrs. O'Quilts makes holiday potholders:...again:
We had a floor party at our apartment complex.
I made 4 potholders, downloaded  tickets free from internet and had folks draw to win a potholder..
As my way of saying thank you for a very good first year here.
The complex provided a lovely dinner for us.
Cheater cloth found in my stash did a good potholder job here.
Digging for holiday spirit...Voila:  necklaces made by Teri Feehan...Thank  you Teri!!!

I am crazy nervous to fly during the holidays with my wobbly body.
When I see my family in Portland fixing up the downstairs room for heart melts.
Looking in my lock box for hoarded $2 bills for the grands for Christmas...I found these rings...
OMG...Those tears still come.  Miracle of all miracles they still fit...Maybe now I will wear them on my right had with joy instead of sorrow, remembering the wonderful marriage we had. I love the Celtic knot his ring displays
In April, my dear man will have been gone 9 years, destroyed by ALS.

My sister and I leave Wednesday for Oregon and family visit..
Joy and angst all mixed together. Life works like that.
A five  hour non-stop flight in business class.  Wheelchair will be  waiting as I will turn 76 in Portland.
Packing these days is different:  Sanitizing wipes, special masks, etc.

My neighbor will have a key to  my place and be on guard for fabric someone "borrowing" my precious gold.(or blue or red, etc.)
All day pouring rain in Charlotte.  Relaxing with my new fake fireplace and a quilt or two and my old lady recliner....

Old people are befuddled with change.  As I go to pack, I realize that now, I am part of those elderly ones.
But first, of course, a tooth will be crowned tomorrow!!

The decorated front door of my  apartment...memories:
lighted wreathe from IKEA.
Christmas card designed by Lee Garvey to celebrate our Irish dance group here in Charlotte;
Tatted cross made by my new friend Tom.  He is a retired high school math teacher and administrator.  Today, he told me he had been tatting for about 30 years.  Tom is 90...a great guy.  A bowl cozy below holds sugar free peppermint candy...Almost everyone on my floor has diabetes.

My niece has ovarian cancer. She is 37 years old.
My son has been missing for well over a year..He is 39 years old.
Still, this season brings joy..
AND, Santa might bring me a Butterfinger candy bar!!!!
(for being good of course)


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad to hear you are going business class and a non-stop flight. That is so much more comfortable than the back of the bus. Happy that your sister is going with you.

Linda, The Vintage Turtle said...

Enjoy seeing your Christmas potholders, so clever. Have a wonderful trip to visit your family. Prayers for a safe trip.