Friday, August 23, 2019

Love Sewing Love

A purple process...2 years and not finished yet.
Making a new block is much more fun.
Scraps found in my table mess.
Queen Bee gift...Thank you Linda
Queen Bee Round Robin... from Sherry Lynn Wood workshop
Kaffe fabric from Foust..gifted by Heather...xoxo
Doc Whaley and her Jelly Roll rug process
Wednesday night IQ group brings Sherry's Trip Around the World
You might well find Sherry's quilts on Sherry Lynne Fabrics, her etsy store.
Just maybe!!!
and....Sherry's Harlequin quilt
Jean's finished UFO...
Kaffe scraps gifted to me...xoxo Lindsey.

Today was open house at the elementary school
I went with the four children and both parents.
Vain me should have brought my cane...alas...I did not.
Everyone excited to see their friends and teachers..
The noise level required a 30 minute nap after.
Next up my physical therapy.  It helped sooo much.
They are very good to me.

and now.....
Sewing bits and pieces and listening to:
Roy Orbison
I grew up with this music...My daddy from Greenville, Alabama put
country on the car radio we would not have to listen to my mother's music,
"Madam Butterfly"


Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

I agree that making a new block is the best! Cute about the car radio;). It can be so comforting listening to music from childhood/youth.

Mystic Quilter said...

Diane you just have to finish up the delightful quilt top in your first photo!!! I also love your scrap b lock, let's see more!