Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Stuff Life is Made Of.....

Potholder process:
Thanks to E.A. who gave away orphan  blocks and random scraps
at the last MQG.. Sit and Sew...I have put together the tops of 10 potholders.
Thank you!!!
Sherry's purple quilt.
We all made purple blocks for an exchange
We all argued about what really defined the color purple
We all hated this project.
We drew from a bag.
Some are finished and some are not!!!
My dearest Paula of my ALS online support group
sent all the school supplies for my grands for the upcoming school year..
Lynsey is delighted.
I am delighted!!!
A big thanks to Paula.

There is truly something wrong with me...with my focus and my brain.
Jean brought us all the template and the instructions for these..
I had bought several packages of the Zap and something batting.
(Zap and Wrap?)
They can go into the microwave without fire.
I cannot now find it...The story of my life...
I am so frustrated.  Going outside to start a new book..ugh
Soup Bowl Cozies

Found it..finally..the batting in a random bag in:....
 my son's room,
 my former second quilting room
, the room my husband died in,
 the room that was my business office before ALS forced me to retire..
.Yup...that room.

At least I found it...because my focus is way off.

I think you all will agree that chocolate ice cream in 7 up.
is clearly a cure-all for this problem of mine.
That was last night.
Tonight is is wine and playing with scraps.
Other people's scraps are always better than one's own.
Tomorrow physical therapy again...
I will NOT give up xox

P.S.  Here is a picture of Granddaddy's chair.
Fake leather all rotted and pealed.
It is stuffed in the room...yup...that very same room as above.
I want it out for the garbage pick up.
OMG  All three children...cry...No No No
That is Granddaddy's chair..
Too much to handle tonight.

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