Monday, August 26, 2019


2019  First Day of School..My son remembered to take the picture...
All went well..and the three of them are on their way
Surprise...It went so well without Grandma...hmm
Evan did not get lost.  The other two got their buses.
Everyone got breakfast...
Well my son did set his clock to 4:30 instead of 5:30
No one thought that was funny
Looks like our fourth grader is now taller than our 5th grader....Oh, dear...
I am relieved. I stayed in bed...eyes wide open.

My small design wall..made from the scraps of the  larger one
Ceiling tiles from the hardware store.
I love these because I can iron right on them and carry the board to the  machine.
Tonight's work..Does anyone know this pattern?

I was so excited to squeeze in my cheddar disappearing nine patch, only
to find out that I did not bother to count the squares..assuming it was a regular charm pack.
Ugh..I am missing 20 blocks.  Surprise, Grandma O'Quilts did it again!!
Lynsey made dessert tonight.."S'mores"...a bit on the cold side
but creative..she was way proud and so were her brothers as they gobbled them up.
The biggest surprise of all...our Stephanie came back.
We were sooo happy to see her.
She is weaker and gets tired easier.
She did a bit of cleaning and cooked dinner.
That exhausted her.
We are grateful to have her back after almost 3 months.

It has been a week...7 days..since  I set my goal to buy nothing online until Oct 1.
I do not think that that really means:
Hancock of Paducah Labor Day Sales
Do you???

So life goes on despite my fretting...
I certainly need to work on that.!!!!

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Mystic Quilter said...

Happy to read that all went well with the grandchildren on their first day back to school!!