Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sewing........ Meditation My Way

Three more placemats.  Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
has 303 now....aiming for 600 by November for holiday gifts.
Size is:  12.5" by 16.5 "   Local folks join in with us.

An adorable piece from a friend of my son.

Interesting bowl warmer post
Scroll past the needle savers..

From the blog of:
comes this wonderful reminder!!

Worth I ate some fresh spinach sauteed in butter like Grandma  used to make.

Yesterday was a very tough day with the personalities in my family.
Of course, it was I...who thought that God needed an assistant.
My son said, God didn't and if he did...he would not choose me!!
I was beside myself...then I remembered dear Mr.O'Quilts...saying to me..
"Just go Sew!!!"  So I did...hummmmm

I finished these two small quilts
Cat backing below for this red and white checked baby quilt.
Did I mention how much I love fabric????
How about this:  from Fabric Depot...RIP
the " I love you fabric" !!
Plaid fabric below for the Christmas quilt.

Relaxation in the daytime:  Snipping

Picking the backings for my potholders...very fun.....All pinned  for sewing at
my sit and sew on Saturday.  I still have more to do...

From Carol:  A finger light for aged eyes.
Relaxation in the evening!!!!
Just so you know, life is not all fresh spinach!!


Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

So nice to connect with you again Diane. Love reading your blog. You always accomplish getting many quilty projects done! The small quilts are adorable. I am sure someone is going to fall in love with them. Wise husband you had! Great words of wisdom and such a great good memory of him telling you when bothered with something "Go Sew." I have a lot of good memories of my hubby. Thank God we can say that!! I haven't had an Oreo for a long time but sure do enjoy my dark chocolate from Aldi's. For the most part most of my meals are now whole foods and plant based but I do like my chocolate!!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Very wise sometimes to just 'go sew' - family dynamics can be challenging. The love you have for your late husband, your son and grandkids shines through in your words on this blog. Nice to balance out spinach with an Oreo or two;).

Mary Marcotte said...

Life is not all fresh spinach. (Love that phrase.)
Hold on. Just keep holding on. Find your center and keep sewing if that's what it takes. Your husband must have been a wonderful guy--perfect for you. Listen to him. He still knows what you need. Sew, have a cookie, cry, order fabric, eat spinach. Then, just go sew. And do that in any order you need. :)