Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Million Dollar Stash

The Big "Thank you"!!!
My ortho surgeon is retiring.  He is brilliant.
He is a risk taker 
 He has saved me...
Without him, I would be now sitting in a wheelchair crying in pain.
Because he took a risk to do 3 surgeries in one year...and the 4th two months ago.
Hope he gets a kick out of his new retirement potholders.
With my awesome stash, I am able to personalize my potholders.
I finished these tonight
I just love them.

My car thimble...not to be outdone by the Dassenko quilter!!!

Nightly reading is on to the next book...Reddy Fox

A great day today...a sleep in...
A three hour lunch with a friend....and...
my heart Echo test....results in one week.
Tomorrow...another good day, as my son plans to take the two littles to work
with their I-pads.

I am trying to keep my feet firmly planted in today....yet
the idea of Christmas coming soon...and the presents for the school and the J are not yet done.
Trying to keep self focused.
My daughter comes to visit in one week..
I do not plan to share her...OK...just a bit.
She is taking the children camping on the weekend.
No problem as I have a Sit and Sew then.
Tonight I am going to try to find one piece of fabric to give away on Wednesday night
I shiver with fear...I love my 50 year stash sooo much.

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Teresa said...

cute potholders - I know he will get a smile out of each and appreciate your thinking of him.