Thursday, August 22, 2019

Things That Bring Happy

From my son-in-law's garden in Portland, Oregon
From my daughter's stove in Portland, Oregon
Kids went camping with my girl and her man, here in NC..sooo much fun.
Even Zoe went.
Slide Rock, NC

At Sit and Sew, Queen Bee today...I stitched 42 hand warmer pouches
The children turned them...60 left for the school at holiday time.
Eithne brought me this cool and awesome laminate from Ireland.
I got it last night.  I lost it last night...
My son just came home, now.......He found it!!
"Humility, like the darkness, reveals the heavenly lights", Thoreau...He understood!!!

I left yesterday morning for a meeting...
Lynsey was in my,  our scrap bag, then at my our machine.
When I came home, these little pillowcases were in her dollhouses.
That girl has 5 dollhouses...OMG, she loves them so.
In her busy life, Terri still manages to be good.
She made this awesome yarn necklace for me.
She brought 5 placemats for the Meals on Wheels MQG outreach.
Then, she made raspberry treats so I did not have to do my treat night.
And, Terri did not even stay for quilting..
Terri's middle name is kindness.

Yesterday was wicked...3 children had a dentist appointment.
Our dear Ms Stephanie was to bring them...Alas, at the last minute,
she could not get out of bed...That heart attack did her in for now!!
I did my grief therapist in the morning..then the dentist, then Lynsey had a therapy appointment
to talk about all the losses in her young life...
Lynsey is an old soul.  Lynsey is a brave soul.

Tomorrow is school open house.
Then, I am back to physical therapy.
Just 10 days dealing with family crisis and not going to knee rebels..ugh.

How do we know that Mrs. O'Quilts is getting better?
She did more herself a new pair of crocs...(or 2)
Crocs.......for every occasion
Weddings, funerals, birthday parties..and every day use.
Mrs. O'Quilts tries to be adorable in her old age!!

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