Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Start of School Frenzy...Tomorrow...

Kaffe stripset...from the  Wednesday night scraps.
 Potholders...a new quilt to start...or ???
Sew relaxing.
Another new project...just when I decided to finish what I have already..
Old charms I just found...cutting cheddar for disappearing nine-patch
Lovely rainy day yesterday....Finding myself reading on our screened in porch
Enjoying a wonderful book, cuddled in my Civil War fabric group exchange quilt.
Nodding off.......
Just love Anna Marie Horner fabric...the funkier, the better...just like me.
My son loves to work...coming home from a job...
Some how he did not get the message that the sewing room is off limits!!!
The new member of Queen Bee...Bambi...with Stitch in the lower left.
taking inventory...
We have so many deer in our yard, neighborhood....the kids can pet some of them.
There was a family of 8 in the yard the other day.

Ava: 17 months, Zoe: 12 years 
Only Ava is not nervous about school.
The children's mother just brought them back from her weekend visit.
She had them shower for school before they came.
Then, she filled out all the back to school paperwork.
She has the best handwriting of the family.
She also helped Eamon with the computer.
My heart sings when they get along for the children's sake.
You notice the 14 year old is not posing for a picture...

There is great stress about school starting tomorrow morning.
One child's bus is at 6:15am....OMG
The other two have buses at 7:15am
Both parents say it is OK for the 14 year old to walk around the corner
to his bus stop in the dark..

This old grandma is nervous.
I have had Evan since he was 7. in 2nd grade.
High School.??How can this be?

I have been told by the family to stay in bed 
and let my son handle it...OMG
Even deep breathing may not calm my soul.

Sew...just go Sew....
Maybe I will just stay up very late tonight sewing??
I found these:
Divided 4 patch.
I found 10 of them.
I hate them.
I do not know what to do with them..


Judy Martin said...

I just caught up on your blog and want to thank you for it.
I am sure that the children will have a great first day of school - and everything will go well for them in future. They look very happy.

As for the divided 4 patch - rotary cutter into strings and put back together paying attention to value. xo

deb oldenburg said...

Sew them together and use as backing. I love them sooo bright and cheerful. Maybe because you use a lot of prints the solid colors maybe hard for u to see them as wonderful.

Shasta Matova said...

It is difficult to let a child go to the bus stop in the dark. What helped me was to remember that in only 4 years, she would have to navigate the whole world by herself, when she went to college or life beyond my house. She did ask me to drive her to the stop during bad weather so she wouldn't have to wait for the bus in super cold weather.