Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Epiphany That We Protest.

Above, Carol's purple quilt challenge piece.
Above, Jean's purple quilt challenge piece.
Above Sherry's purple challenge piece.
All are motivating me to find in my mess...Mrs. O'Quilt's purple challenge..

The old fashioned Muggs wrapped in my Civil War quilt.
I think she identifies with that era...
Sherry's new finished quilt.
MP took some fat quarters to make adorable cloth napkins for her mountain house.
Kathylynn gifted with vintage fabric from my sister's stash.
Carol..newly returned from a California stay...and quilt show...
with new fabric...yum

Wednesday night at our quilting group, I gave away 10 pieces of fabric.
When I did not feel teary...I knew I was on the right track.
De-stashing a tiny bitsy baby bit!!
And now:

Tonight, Lynsey and I went back to school shopping.
Ten and a half...Oh, my...a new shopping experience.
I gave her the budget....She picked out millions...
She whittled it down with the calculator.
Home we came, one more accomplishment.

And, I could walk!!!!!

Every day is just a lovely day to celebrate being alive.

A meeting tonight was a huge help for my brand new, old stressor.
Thank God for folks who understand.
Thank God for folks who stand by me.


Teresa said...

Nice purple quilt, and Sherry's really caught my eye. A nice variation of a rail fence quilt. Sweet of you to share some of your stash which it looked like the recipients were excited to receive. Glad you were able to go shopping with your granddaughter.

Mystic Quilter said...

I love those purple quilts Diane! Happy to reads that you were able to take the trip out with Lynsey and walk without your stick! Progress!!