Saturday, April 10, 2021

Cover Me In Sunshine

With a lovely Zoom Sit and Sew with my Good Vibes Quilters today...I was energized!! I
 finished....flimsy finished for my son's quilt.  Nothing like DONE.  It is so long I do not know how I will baste it with no friends to help.  It is probably too big for outside spray basting...I cannot wait until we can all get back together again. .Hopefully life will get better with our shots!!

Our Aoife having a great time at the park!!

News:  I found out that Connecting Threads sent me that blue fabric by mistake and sent someone else my solids...Will wait for their reply..

My grands have been cleared by the health department to go back to school Wednesday.  TBTG

And, my girl and her man got their first Pfizer shots today....Grateful!!!

Just in case you did not know me before I got so old and on my cane.
This is who I really am.!!  Inside anyway....



Julierose said...

What a cute picture of Aiofe --so happy and unconcerned--just venturing out there...babies are so heartwarming...;))))

I baste my quilts draped over my dining room table; that works for me--and lately I pin baste...

We are waiting for our children and grands to get vaccinated for a safe visit oldsters have to be extra-careful.
S I G H ...

Dense fog is cloaking everything here this morning--but a bit warmer--52 degrees
we are hopeful that the coming rains will waken our garden--such as it is--
hugs, Julierose

Mystic Quilter said...

Congratulations on a finished top! I find that the basting is my least favourite part of quilt making.