Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Six Years is the Same as Forever


                           When I Go                     


As the storm clouds gather they darken the sky.

My friends tell me to will the sun to shine. 
I am not that powerful.

 I cannot see glory when the tidal wave engulfs me.
Submerged, even hope eludes me.

My heart touches yours. 
 Without judgment, I will always listen to your pain.
With God's help, somehow along the way, I came to this:  

A Better Man

xoxox Meg

1 comment:

Linda Swanekamp said...

What a powerful visual image you chose. Each day is a gift and we don't have the control people try to drum up. Grief is a reality that overwhelms, that is what being human is. But God keeps us daily supplied with the strength and energy and perspective to not drown, but to grow and love and have compassion on others. I try to celebrate all the small stuff I used to ignore.