Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Sun Shiny Day

Sunshine on My Shoulders

 This morning I found my Clematis with a few cousins..  How sweet it is.

A trip to Walmart and to the Easter clearance shelf landed me these fat quarters!!
Aoife just loving that girl in the mirror!!
I have not made one of these in awhile.  I just loved this cat....took the cat food bag from the recycling bin, cleaned it up..and Voila...Every time I make one, I end up giving it away.  The clerk at Aldi wanted mine, the guy at the pool wanted a few for his daughter for Christmas..Years ago...
Did you know that scraps are endless.  I am getting a bit tired of pink scraps.  I want to get on to my African fabric...I want to make funky!!
My darlings went to the beach with their mother.. I did not want them to go.  I mean..Covid and 4 children with one parent and dear Ava having had 4 brain surgeries...and,,,and,,,and...I put a clothes pin on my lips and off they went....I can see they just love it.  Now I am not the grandma of 3 year old Ava.  The other kids want me to be, but dear Ava has her own grands who love her so....Lynsey is always saying that I have three granddaughters... We settled on the name, Grammy-D.for me..I do love her too...look at those lovely faces!!  Ava looks just like her daddy!
And when did Dylan start changing..OMG.  He will be in middle school with his sister next year..OMG OMG  He is starting to look like his daddy and have his build. He already has his daddy's hair cut.
These girls love to smile...These boys are another story.  Thank goodness their mother made them pose for grandma.
Evan is two months short of 16 and Dylan is 11.  Evan favors his mother and Dylan favors his father...in looks and personality..
Boys...I think that caution sign is perfect!!

The strangest thing happened today.
In my mailbox was a big package of backing fabric.  Two blue pieces for two backings..??
There was no invoice and I did not order them.....I will keep them safe, until someone knocks on my door asking for them...The package has my name on it...hmmmm  Secret??

The next zoom sit and sew, I am definitely going to finish my project bags...Deborah's tute. Or maybe I should work with my luscious Marcia Derse fabrics.  Of course, there is dear Aoife's toddler quilt that I have not even started and before long she will be needing it.
It is two am, my favorite time of night...tomorrow Linda on the porch day...We are going thru my Civil War fabric...sigh...I love all fabric.

I am dreaming of the new solids I bought on Connecting Threads.  I have never tried them.  Problem is that I like to sew with friends...and guess what?????  That nasty Covid interrupted my life style!!
Next week I might start meeting friends outside for my mental health.

Reading:  I heard this was a great book.  I put myself on the library list...Hmm..I was number 455...On Amazon, it was $14 in hardback...so I bought it. I mean at my age, I may not have time to wait to be number 455 on the list..... Stay tuned!
Tuesday's post  below: Linda does splendid work.
Below is her star Civil War reproduction quilt, she made in a sew along with Barbara Brackman.
We spent an hour today admiring all the fabrics.

Then we went through my five boxes of Civil War fabric.
Today was the first time a friend had come in the house in over a year.
I opened all the windows and doors and put on the ceiling fans. It was a stunning day. It was 82 degrees with sun and Carolina blue. sigh...Already I feel better.
We wore our masks even though we have both been vaccinated..no hugs but a wonderful time.
She even came in my sewing room for 15 minutes and in that time, her organizational skills fixed what the last year could not do for me.  Remember Jean Piaget and this Grandma are cousins!!
Such a good day.


Linda Swanekamp said...

So glad you had your friend over! Fabric and friends, what else do you need on a sunny day?

Julierose said...

Your Easter Bunny fat quarters are so cute...
Such a lovely family...
Hugs, Julierose