Thursday, April 15, 2021

Spring and Sun and Hope

Happy Birthday Stitch!!!
My girl made this top for her girl...My heart.

This bonnet too.

I so want our Lynsey to love sewing like we do.
Alas, she loves cooking.  She made a fresh blueberry pie for her mother tonight.  Or, maybe it was cherry.  Lynsey sent me this picture..
What to do about the boys.  They have lost interest in their sewing machines.
I think they may have forgotten all but how to wind bobbins for Grandma and how to make scrambled eggs.

I saw this on someone's blog as a perfect solution for the Accucutter and dies...OMG
It is like $225, so of course I do not have it.  Just thinking if my man were here, he would make it...
Of course, he would have to make room for it too...Like a sewing room addition??

Spring is in the Carolinas.  Our Irises are out.
Usually they come out on my mother's birthday, May 5th.
I am glad they are early to brighten our days.

Today was outside lunch with Jackie...then I walked, pushing a grocery cart around Publix.
I kept dropping things for my co-shoppers to pick up for me.
My bagger was from Venezuela.  Both of us reminisced about Caracas, etc before Venezuela became like Cuba....
Life is hard...Everyday I ask why.  Now I am just going to try to go with the flow and enjoy the day.  My darlings come home tomorrow, Evan too.  My son has put his work aside for the weekend.
I am grateful.



Cherie said...

That little craft unit would make a great potting bench wouldn't it. i thought you had a dead cat in the garden and had to look several times. I'm phobic about dead things.

http://thankfullga447 said...

The cart is a gem, we can all dream. Love the photos of your granddaughter. Grandchildren grow up and I miss when they use to give me so many hugs. Hugs (what's that).