Monday, August 2, 2021

The Good Monday

It is the middle of blackberry season in North Carolina.
Big fat yummy blackberries from the farmer's market, on vanilla ice cream!!!

I used to have a friend that I was quite fond of...but as time went by, she changed., going a bit nuts as life hit her hard.!  She was angry and disgruntled and cried all the time.  She lost who she was.  We drifted apart as I started not to like her very much. Lately, she has started to grow on me again. I can see finally, that she became strong at the broken parts. She is doing the best she can in trying times. She is getting better and has even started to make me laugh again.  

In the mail today, I found a wonderful present from her.  I am beyond thrilled:

Halloween fat quarters from Art Gallery Fabrics. Spookier and Sweeter
Now, I do not want to work on UFOs  I want to do another Halloween quilt.
Especially as this fabric is so darling and uplifting!!
Fabric is just so much fun!!
I find joy in admiring my organized stash....without even sewing a stitch.
My whites and my solids....sigh....

 On the Quilt Show, last night, I watched Libby Lehman.   From her I learned that there should be a circular attachment for my machine.  Hmmm...never heard of that.  Chatterbox quilt video tutorial showed me how to use it specifically for my own machine, Janome 8900.

Libby Lehman's quilts were auctioned after her stroke  I found this on the web.  It was from awhile ago, so do not get excited.  It does show some of her work and tells about her illness.  I looked for other articles, but they did not like my I gave up.

Great day today, the roofer came, did his work for $300 instead of $7000.( Tomorrow it will rain all day, so we will see how the roof job holds up!!)   My hairdresser cut my hair on my front porch!  Wahoo.  I got gas.  I had my toenails clipped at a little local toe store. the sewing machine and to the cutting board!! the chair outside to nap!!!

Joy started coming back today..Sitting on my front porch with my hair being cut was lovely.  Enjoying a light breeze and catching up on the gossip.  Tonight I walked to the mail box just as a  young lady was walking her dog.  We talked..She has a 13 year old dog...sigh.  I made a new friend.  And, she is 43 and new in town...Wow...If I cannot be 43 any more...I can make a new friend who is.  She has an 11 year old boy...wonderful news. Playdate time.  This entire day was a good one....WOW!  xoxox


shoshu said...

so glad you had one of these days, sometimes even a tiny bit of peace and quiet can be so refreshing.

Robin said...

Glad to feel the content in your words. It’s so important to recognize those feelings. I am having that kind of day today. It’s been a long time coming.

Cjsmimi said...

Dear friend, even though I don’t leave a comment, please know that I am with you through your highs and lows. My heart says a little cheer for you on a good day like this one! I’ll always be on Team O’Quilts!

Mystic Quilter said...

A good day for you Diane, I'm so pleased!