Tuesday, March 16, 2021

A Bit of Freedom to Soothe My Soul

Covid be damned!!  My mask and my hand sanitizer, my cane and I left my house in the rain this morning.

We went to the Goodwill store.  Twenty five percent off on senior day.
African clothing screamed my name. $3.50 each...Cut it down tonight during MQG sit and sew.
The orange and pink fabric holds 3 yards, My heart!!  The red and yellow, a yard and a half.

No one else there seemed to be stressed about Covid.  The parking lot was packed and there were lines at the register.  Everyone wore masks. I then put gas in my very own car like a grown up.  I checked out Publix for the first time in the 20 years, since we lived in Miami. A load of stress was lifted from my shoulders, just being out and about.

Look what Aoife's daddy found at the store today!!!
Lynsey is so daddy's girl.  She got him to make doll candy bars with her. (Ps, You do note that this is an invasion of my sewing room!!
She printed the labels from a doll site online, and made the bars, using cardboard and tin foil
Last year Lynsey gave up dolls.  It was such a shock. One day I was making a doll baby carrier and the next day all the dolls were put away and she was all grown up and done.
Today she changed her mind.  She said last year, a friend had looked down her nose, saying...Lynsey, you still play with dolls?????  This year she said she does not care.  She loves to organize and create for her dolls. Whew.  I told her even adults make things for their dolls!! Sharing that one time a lady looked down her nose at me for quilting.  You cut up perfectly good fabric to sew back together again????, She said with an eye roll...I did not put my quilting things away.. Grandma is way mature!!!
The two churn dash...
Below, Dylan's joy.  He is fixing up his brother's old room as a technology place.  In the garage, evidently there were extra screens...Mr. Computer lover has hooked them all up to talk with friends and play two games at once.  Wow, Dylan, Wow.

I have not handled Covid well...I have eaten too much, had too many glasses of wine, been in tears and recently started buying new fabric that I have always wanted...all to soothe my soul

Today was a good one.
 A good night and a good day....all because I was brave and left the house.

Tomorrow a porch sewing visitor...wahoo..


Cherie said...

Those African prints are gorgeous. A work colleague once said the same thing to me 'Let me get this straight'. You take a piece of fabric and cut it up. Then you sew it all back together again... WHY? I guess you either get it or you don't. Hope you are staying safe out there. x

Karen S said...

Lovely fabrics found by you. Yes, I am a grown up and still enjoy dolls. Especially making them. Why not!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Oh, my, I love those churn dashes with African fabric. The background fabric so works with it. When I get the snarky remark about quilting- I say why do you buy food and cut it up small and combine it again to make a dinner. And why do you pay someome else to do it at a restaurant and pay even more? I confess a snarky remark about my quilting on my longarm almost made me quit. Someone looked at my hand guided quilting on the machine and said, "This is why I spent the money on a computerized longarm." Took me a long time to get over that one.

Teresa said...

I so feel your joy at going out and about in the world again. I have been going to Hobby Lobby, grocery store, drug store and doctor office, but that is it. Now that I and most of my friends are fully vaccinated, I feel a sense of freedom. Had a couple friends over to sew last week for the first time in 10 months - we even hugged :)

Love your churn dash blocks. My daughter did a mission trip to Africa for a summer. The mission team was there for almost 2 months, giving out shoes to shoeless children. She brought me fabric from Africa. The girls had to wear "skirts" over their shorts, which was basically just fabric wrapped around them and pinned. So I have a collection of these very strange to me fabrics. Someday I will make her a quilt using these fabrics.