Wednesday, March 3, 2021

My Marcia Derse Treat

The Marcia Derse splurge came today. I sat in the car outside of Tuesday Morning petting it. Grabbing the mail before leaving the house, I told self not to open it until I had walked. I totally love it.

It was wrapped in a snip of selvage with her name on it.  Every little thing is special.
Three free fat eighths were included.  It felt like a real treat for myself.
Then Wanda told me that it was not hand dyed at all, but digital printing.
At first, I was so disappointed...then I realized that I still loved it and needed to move into the next fashionable upcoming thing.....which is digital printing.
While in Tuesday Morning, I bought an onion holder.
It caught my eye as I usually stick an onion in a paper towel in the hydrator.
However, my onion was too big. The kids and I had great fun trying to stuff in the onion and squish down the cover...No good...oh, well.

Auditioning borders on a scrap 16 patch....child's quilt?  Wheelchair quilt?
Hopefully the chosen borders will be on by tomorrow.  Love scraps.
As I head for bed, a bit on the down side, missing my man...I see life moving on in our Aoife

Good night, bye bye Grandma!!!
Some Aoife love!!

Thrifty Tips from Madam Sew  I especially like the one about using up bobbins!!

 Hi Karen, Thank you for your encouragement on my walking.  Please give me your email so we can chat about that..

Cotton News, price and availability  from Catbird Quilts.


VRooks said...

You are such an inspiration. I love the new fabric treat and the special extras in the package. Looking forward to seeing the borders on your 16-patches.

Linda Swanekamp said...

The blues are stunning in the Marcia Derse fabric. I love those kinds of blues. It is great you are getting out and appreciating it. It will help keep things in perspective when the drama flies around.

Teresa said...

Beautiful blues. So what is an onion Pod ? Even looking at the picture I can't figure our what you use it for.