Saturday, March 13, 2021

A Happy Saturday

FINE...The Carolina plant guru has corrected me.  Those lovely pink trees, on my last post are Okame Cherry trees..not Red Bud...I hand it to her.  Even though she knows I like to be right, she set me straight, with no fanfare. 

Below we find our Aoife in Portland, and her current antics: Seven months is just amazing.
Protected from the sun, her lovely Irish skin.

Today, an enjoyable workshop with Cheryl Arkison,  Zooming her class in from Canada. 
We had students from Seattle, and Alabama, and South Carolina and Charlotte. A lovely way to spend a day.  Here are some of my curved pieces.  I had the pieces all cut for a piece using HSTs....This was more fun.  I should have this into a top for the children's hospital by tomorrow.
The fabric is Jennifer Paganelli.

You can find Cheryl at:  Cheryl
After enjoying her workshop, I checked out her site.  I found this interesting booklet.

Anti-racism booklet scroll down to find:
Also, the last link is on political quilts.

And always and forever is:
Our society does a terrible job of acknowledging and understanding grief.
So often, we are told to concentrate on the positive or only speak about happy things.
Be grateful for what you have.
That is hard, when the healing is in the talking.
I am grateful for the friends so willing to listen.


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Linda Swanekamp said...

So glad you could take a good class and see other people from all over. Grief is a tough pothole in life. Can't pave it over. Love your little curved sewing piece. Thanks for the photos!