Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Moods from my Garden

My garden and I are struggling, dragging.....
This site reminds me of myself at this time:
I am thinking now, that this feeling is about Covid isolation!!  For sure...
Moving to the front yard, I remember that there is hope, how beautiful!!
Every year, they do not disappoint.. 
Lynsey keeps us all happy with her treats:  Here we have cookie bites.
Her father ate them all up.  Cookie bites and nightly canasta, our new life.
On the other side of the country, in Covid isolation is our Aoife!!
The family wanted to see if they needed to put a gate on the stairwell...
Look and see.  Here she is squealing with joy, absolutely delighted with herself.
, as she climbs the second round of stairs.
They live in Portland in a house built in 1907.
As you can imagine, her daddy now has the gate installed.
Aoife, seven months at the park.

Great news today, as I had a delightful 504 meeting with the school staff about Lynsey.
I basked in all the wonderful things that they said about her.

I forgot what my husband used to say:
Just go sew!!!
Tomorrow is a brand new day.



VRooks said...

Thank you for sharing yourself and your family with the world. The daffodils and joyful, the cookie bites look yummy and the baby is growing way too fast. Go sew and love the day!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Lovely lovely lovely 😍 💕 😘