Saturday, March 20, 2021

Little Babies, Big Babies and Finished Quilts

 In a few days, Aoife will be 8 months.  She is already standing up in her crib.

Neighborhood watch.
Aoife has a new cousin , Abby.  She was born 2.5 months ago...Does she look Irish or what??
Her grandmother chose this delightful color and made the sweater. Those Irish surely can knit!!
Done....Curved block baby quilt. (Spring in Motion)Finished during Good Vibe sit and sew on Friday. This celebrated the one year anniversary of Zoom quilting with some people I have never met before...but now hold tight.

Jack backing.
Fox Block (Make it Foxy)
Finished during Good Vibes sit and sew on Friday..
Backing...stylized holiday trees..
Art Gallery low volume  I got this grab bag on Amazon.
It was not the deal I had thought as there were only 8 pieces...Still, they are lovely.
I do know people, strange but true, who are not so crazy about bright colors...sigh.
Trying to accommodate!!!
Below, a Marcia Derse yard from Ebay.  USPS said it  had been delivered.
It had not, so I contacted the seller.  She gave me a refund, though I did not ask for that.
It was delivered today....Dear, dear me....I told her to try to reverse the refund.

Today, was Guild sit and sew.  Since I did not go to bed until 2:30 am...I missed the first hour.
Lovely to see friends and sew along.  Eamon had taken the children to help him work.
It was so peaceful, this dear, until they all came home.

The children interrupted my zoom.  They made silly faces, they changed the settings on the screen. When I started shouting for them to leave, they UN-muted all the world could hear their hot under the collar, not easy going,  Grandmother. 

 They just love aggravating me,.  Sigh, I am just so reactive....even though I have mellowed in my age.. That was the end of my lovely Zoom day.  I was 3/4 of the way toward finishing my Delectable Mountain quilting....on my 2021 UFO list.  I will finish quilting it before Tuesday as I need to take the machine for its yearly cleaning...

This vaccinated extrovert is still going crazy.
Trying for outside lunches with friends...but no takers....everyone still nervous. Some wear their masks, some not.  I wear chances here.
That's OK. No one knows anything for sure anyway....and we carry on.



Cherie said...

I would happily meet up with you for lunch now that I have had my first jab. Maybe we should do a Zoom Lunch date out in our respective gardens.

Rosa said...

It kills me that you finish a quilt in half the time it takes me to agonize about starting one! Haha! I really like the wonderful, colorful curved block quilt. It sings "spring is here"! Who has time for low volume? High volume is where it's at! Turn it up, as the kids say! Unmute! Unmute! (Damn kids! Got to get a lock on the door so you can Zoom in peace. Lol.)

Be safe!