Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Education of Grandma O'Quilts

 First of all...let me tell you, I have been advised that I have evidently failed southern tree identification....sad, but true.  Today, I was gifted with two stalks of Redbud for educational purposes  One with bloom and one with no bloom.  Redbud is part of the legume family. I will take off the flowers and stick them both in dirt see what happens. Who knows, I might get my very own Redbud tree.

Tonight's work below...
A next border for the pink flimsy and another block or two for the Churn Dash.
The pink border is from a hand dye gift from Andy.
I always loved Marcia Derse fabric...but could never afford it and felt guilty when I looked.
Wondering why now I can indulge, I realize that the parents of my grands are helping out, freeing me to get a few things for myself...That is wow...and I am grateful.

The free gift of a few fat eights that come with an order.
My choices below:
Wanda was right when she said each grouping sells out quickly.  I was lucky to find these on the Marcia Derse site. The fabric came today.
My heart beats rapidly when I look at these fabrics, also the African.
Like it is Christmas Eve or something.
And this....this is why I do not sleep all night, but have to sleep half the day.
Sally, my salamander, creeps into my bed and smacks me with her foot and arm all night, in her sleep

I think it is the price of love...

Today, I was unable to even think about St Paddy's Day.
It is too sad for me, still.  However, I pledge to myself that next year I will make a bigger effort.  Mr. O'Quilts would not like at all that I am not celebrating his Irish holiday with the grands, just because I miss him so.

Tomorrow we are suppose to have a big bad storm with tornados and thunder and rain and wind. The children are supposed to both be in school.  I have the day off....As with Covid, this  year is always wait and see.

I vowed not to shout anymore to the kids about staying in bed.  Just send them to bed and let them set their own schedule, They are 11 and 12.  At midnight, I do hear noises that I am ignoring.  That is not working so my limits are being tested.

We have four Alexa in our house.  The first one is in my sewing room, the next in my bedroom and two more in each child's room, for music and alarms for school.
What I did not realize since I am tech impaired is that one Alexa can talk to another.
While I now have time to myself, Lynsey is messing with me.  First she pretends to be asleep.
I am sitting downstairs in my sewing room listening to lovely happy relaxing music and fondling fabric.
Soon blaring into my room comes this loud, whatever music.  She has told her Alexa to tell my Alexa to play that music in order to irritate me... Really????
Yes, really.  I am blaming this irritation on why I have a package of M&Ms hidden in my stash.  So there.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Great picks of the Marcia Derse fabric! Glad you are getting some time to recharge. Glad you can be grateful although life is hard now.

Shasta Matova said...

These are wonderful fabrics. You should definitely treat yourself now and then. Also tell your Alexa to tell her Alexa to play a lullaby so she can go to sleep.